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Thread: Ipod Mini Vs. Creative Zen Micro (aka Ipod-Killer)

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    Have you guys seen the Philips Micro audio jukebox HDD060/00 ?
    Seems like a good alternative...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefen
    I have been waiting to get a zen micro, but a bit pissed that the same thing is being offered 229usd in America!

    Creative doesn't really care about taking care of their local customers, do they?

    I am also disturbed by the fact that it costs 200 sing to change a ipod mini battery, and their battery life doesn't last that long....
    Well it is actually covered under the warranty for the first year, and you can add about $60 for two more years(total three years) of warranty at HN or BB. And if anything do happen, they will replace you with a refurnished/brand new set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    U can self change the battery on the iPod too

    There's the Belkin battery pack for the iPod as well too!

    Spread the word.
    Yea, some third party batt that comes with tools to pry open the Ipod... thou it WILL void your warranty

    Belkin?... haiya... too think when stacked on...

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    and the Zen Mini... headphones provided are not as good as those provided by IPod, therefore sound quality is kinda behind when compare to the IPod... wander how those Ipod Ear Plugs felt like?...

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    I don't suppose that there is a warranty on batteries that die?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXX Boy
    Seems like you are a Ipod fanboy???
    Not fanboy, juz stating facts based on experience

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