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Thread: Anyone Knows how to Flash a TDK 1612 to Region Free?

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    Default Anyone Knows how to Flash a TDK 1612 to Region Free?

    hi guys,

    just bought a TDK DVD RW 1612 from SITEX yesterday.

    but though i have been reading around abt how to flash it. i m not too sure if i did correctly.

    I used the LTNRPC program as well as anyDVD,

    after that i did nero infotool, but it says that my region control seems to be RPC 1

    is my system region free yet?

    thanks if any gurus canhelp

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    I had your prob. mine is an earlier version of TDK0404 only.. i got dvd region free. it was the only thing i found that can make it region free. TDK doesn't really suck, until now no firmware to flash our drives to region free.

    try , need to pay to get real deal though, PM me if you need help.

    cheers and happy dvd burning!

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    there is region free ones... just search googles...

    anyway, to flash the region free ones, you can't use the method like what tdk provides, the windows flashing, for those region free ones, you need to have MS-DOS, not the emulated dos mode in Winxp, those can't work, you need a real dos boot. then do the flash.
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    You did the right thing. Congradulations, your drive is now region free. Do you have any problems with your drive? Understand that there are a number of people facing problems with this particular drive. Hopefully yours is alright!


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