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Thread: "Great" Parenting

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    Default "Great" Parenting

    Last night, me and wifey went to take a look at the river hongpao after dinner. I was a couple with their maid and son outside a club. Dad gave the kid his iphone and told him and maid to sit somewhere near while both husband and wife goes in to party...

    Anyone got "great parenting" stories to share...

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    Default Re: "Great" Parenting


    * ones that let their child run wild inside the MRT...
    * ones that rush into a train last minute... leaving the children outside...
    * ones that let the children run ahead... leaving parents outside...
    * ones that is too busy yaping on the phone... didn't notice the kid moving beyond the yellow line, taking a peek of the track.

    The list could go on...

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    Default Re: "Great" Parenting

    that day I was shock when I see two kids (one should be 3 and another 5) running in front of my car when I was drive out the parking lots in the multi-storey car-park, their young mother walking behind about 5 meter from them, still using a handphone and give me "so what?" look.
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    Default Re: "Great" Parenting

    some parents giving birth to children only to harvest kidneys to sell.........................
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    Default Re: "Great" Parenting

    (Absolutely true story...)

    Wife and I were at the Shanghai Expo. It was near closing time so crowd has thin out.

    Saw one kid lying on his mum's lap - tired out by the activities. Grandma was massaging his legs. Grandapa was fanning him. And dad was trying to take out some food to feed him. Poor kid.

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    a father and mother with mullets. their (i assume) 3 year old girl in the pram. also with a mullet.

    father and mother smoking and blowing smoke at the kid.

    and her toys are a dart gun, rubber sai and nunchucks.


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