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Thread: choosing a tripod

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    Quote Originally Posted by zig
    ok why do i say i need a tripod my height?...because i know nuts about tripods but i heard they say its best to have a tripod your height without extending for max stability..
    and some how i feel three way is so much faster and convieint,, bam you're potrait..blam you're landscape....ball heads a little fiddly i think.
    tell me guys why you all like ball heads more?

    my boy, i almost broke my back bending down too much shooting food two days ago, ouch, its wasn't a case of short tripod, its the table i'm working on is too low, so the same with having the tripod height suitable to yours.

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    yo man! i just bought the 055proB with a slik800 head..... looks cool... i realised i can use it without the centre column and its just my eye level... without the centre column that means i can shoot worm view stuff too! yeah!

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    not at all sure what you mean by 'without centre column"? how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2100
    I am always glad that Chris is dishing out good solid advices with experiences to share and not only going for the top brands (ala top $$$).
    he is very experienced
    he just ask me when are my camera stuff

    then he think awhile and gave me the answer !! :P
    and said 'Slik 330 is just nice for u'

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