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Thread: Panasonic LC70

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    Wink Panasonic LC70

    Any comments for this model?
    I just got myself a Olympus C370 but thinking of selling it for Panasonic LC70..Which model is better for a beginner like me?

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    My friend owns the LC50. i have used it on a couple occasions and find it extremely fast in its operations. for example menus and refresh times are very good. And i find the images consistent with the other panasonic models with leica lens. If i were to reccomend, i would reccomend the FX1 or FX2. I'm not a big fan of high mp counts in small cameras (cos of the small CCD size) and you'll definitely appreciate the image stabilizer within.

    Hope this helps!


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    ermmm Fx1 or Fx2 ... is it more expensive?

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    mmm.. not too sure abt price. Think fx1 is definitely cheaper. maybe fx2 is same as lc70? thats just my guess. Go to the shops to try them out, see which ones have a better feel in the hand. the FX series have a more metallic feel in the hand. the LC50 and 70 are pretty plasticky. its a personal preference thing. cheers Aus...

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    he hee okie thanx for ur comment~~~


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