Let's Get Ready to GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!

Correct Score Prediction = 3points!

Correct 1st Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Correct Last Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Hat-Trick Hero Perfect Guess Guess Guess! = 5points!

so in any game, the max point a participant can net is a total of 10points.

Sorting Out the Grey Areas.

1). in the event of 1-0 end result, the 1st scorer will be taken as the last scorer even though the participant might haf anticipated 2-0 or 22-0 and have listed someone else as the last scorer.

2). the prediction is good till the Final Whistle, which includes Extra-time but not Penalty Shootout.

List of Hat-Trick Hero/es for this season:

1). WongLP --- 11/1/12 manSipTea vs. LFC (League Cup Semi Final 1st leg), 1-0 Victory with Stevie G scoring.

League Table!

1). Airfins 23pts ----> wakauz!!!! new league leader!!!! 2pts lead now!!
2). ahyooo 22pts ---> how the mighty has fallen! kekekeke >< The Fallen shall rise again ><
3). Cheesecake 16pts ---> finally got a point after sooooooooo long!
4). bro rodz 13pts ---> Raf999 in disguise!!
5). Grumpy 11pts
6). wonglp 11pt ---- > super new entry!
7). shunzi 9pts
8). fotoudavid 9pts ---> TRUE LFC fan who said Carroll will never score! hehehe!
9). sunnyday 7pts
10). Koplady11 6pts
11). zaren 6pts!
12). Actor13 6pts
13). Canew 5pts
14). Taurean 5pts
15). blazer_workz 5pts
16). roadrunner 1pt ----> disappeared!
17). nemesis32 1pt ----> disappeared!

Bolton Wanderers vs. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB!!

Meepok stadium.

1). 2-0 LFC WINS!! (CarrollX2) CC
2), 3-0 LFC wins!! (Kuyt, bellamy, Gerrade) fotoudavid
3). 4-1 REDs Wins (Gerrard, bellamy, carroll) ahyooo
4) 2-0. Gerrard and Carroll. sunny day
5) 2-1 LFC win! (carroll, bellamy) Zaren
6) 3-1 LFC Win! (Gerrard, maxi, bellamy) wonglp
7) 2-1 LFC WIN (Maxi, Carol) grumpy
8) 3-0 LFC WIN!!! (Gerrard and Carroll) Airfins