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Thread: JPEG or RAW?

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    Jpegs most of the time. I'll switch to RAW when taking important shots or when I recognise that the photo I'm going to make has the possibility of making a large print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puakk
    how do i take pics in raw?? i am using canon A80
    Dun think u can shoot RAW with A80.

    Anyway it depends for me:
    - If important shots, dun wanna screw up, in dark areas like Ballrooms, get paid one, shoot RAW
    - If lazy, shoot JPEG High Max Quality

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    Default Raw or Jpeg

    If you're a pro, get the setting right in the first place, shoot and do a minimum of post-processing and give the pic to your client. And have more time for other assignments, or more time for your family or sports or other recreation. Unless it is just a few product shots, then, might be good to show raw to get the best pic out.

    If you're an amateur, then, no point go to raw - it hardly makes any difference. In practical terms, even if you print at 8R. So, just shoot and have fun. You have your full time job, family and other interest. Shouldn't spend far too much time on post-processing.

    Just my view only.
    I love big car, big house, big lenses, but small apertures.

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    sigh, still can't vote in polls...

    usually jpeg (save time, save space), but for shots that have wide dynamic range, or need fast shutter speed even tho very dark, then shoot in raw and adjust iso value afterwards...

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