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    Question storage

    should the memory card remove from the camera when not in use? Will there be any harm to transfer file directly from the camera to pc or should remove the card using card reader?

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    You need not remove the card if you don't want to. Leaving it in there is fine. You can transfer files both ways - either by pulling out the card and transfering directly to a computer, or connecting the camera to the PC to transfer the files out.

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    if u are using microdrives....u have to be really careful....

    if not ....i leave it in the cam in the dry cabinet all the time...
    eh transferring to com u prefer to use a reader....coz direct link to cam will sap the batt life....ahah....and its more troublesome to open up the rubber thing as to taking out the card..

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    transfer direct from cam to pc may increase risk of electronic faults being subjected to the body itself. safer to take out and use card reader


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