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Thread: Inconsiderate photog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansel baby
    Hi All, i was shooting at one of the fashion show in Taka and was ask to move aside by a guy as i am blocking the people at the back shooting with super long len for fun. I did apologise for blocking some of their view as i was shooting for a my client. I was given permission for standing in the front with the video crew by the show manager. Later that guy pm me saying i should bring a ladder and better equipments next time. If you got to shoot for a living what would you do.
    This is where you have to be professional and steadfast. If you are being paid to shoot the event and you are given that place to do your shoot ( which is usually the prime position for photo opportunities ) then you should stay put. You should not be shy to state your duty and appointment to the event. Hobbist and shoot-for-fun amatuers have no prority over your task who only can get paid if you deliver the best shots. I have done some of these fashion and other launch event before and had my fair share of being told to move aside by Sunday shooters at public events. They get a telling off from me if they persisit and don't understand (or pretend not to) my position and yes there are some really kiasu pain the neck out there...especially those pervies who seem to be present at most girlie fashion shows..etc. Yes, even caught some trying to get behind the stage and pretend like they are paid shooters or part of the organisers.(some wear that camera vest and acting official)

    It would help alot, if you are often doing paid photography projects, try to get a designation tag or some vest with some label to indicate that you are an official photographer at the scene.

    Don't feel shy if you have to tell someone that you will not agree to their request to move aside.... at the end of the have to answer to your client. You are paid to be in the front line and all the prime locations to do your soot. I am not saying you should be rude with them. Be tactful but if that does not work. Be stern and then get back to work and not let them distract you from might end up missing a good shot just because you are trying to "bargain" with them. Any considerate person will understand your situation and not give you a hard time over it.
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    Hmm. Not really sure what the guy is trying to pull off, create distorted pictures with wide angle and shooting upwards? I am not going speculate if he's the official or not but an official worth his salt would not be shooting that close especially with a stage like that. If the stage was any higher, he might as well do macro of the shoes.

    Furthermore, he is not only angering amateur photographers. He is probably also angering customers by shooting at the front row or too close to the stage. That's not a good way of taking pictures or shooting for a client. Shooting for a client does not mean that you are the police and call the shots, it only shows that you are totally ill-prepared. But rest assured that not all official photographers are like that, it really depends on who you meet. The excuse of answering to the client is all too easy to give.

    Just my humble 2 cents worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stereobox
    kahheng, do you think you can start a MO for the above mentioned tasers? i'm serious. (tries hard to stiffle grin)

    I was about to start the MO when I read this on NYT (reg required)

    But frankly I think 5% chance of death is a chance *I* am more than willing to take

    (if you think about it, the Taser would be ideal since sweaty people should be much more conductive than the non-sweaty types)

    In light of this new finding, for humane reasons, I have decided to start an MO for an 8-inch ice-pick (mahogany wood handle, stainless steel shaft; personalized inscription extra); should work equally well on the sweaty and non-sweaty:

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    Quote Originally Posted by smallaperture
    Now, I understand why Paragon is so photog unfriendly. Owned or was owned by SPH. At first I didn't want to go there, becos of previous bad experience there, but my kaki told me that we can shoot this time, so gave it a try. Anyhow, that is not the place I go for shopping.

    Yeah, Taka and Raffles City are photog friendly, although I am not that keen in this kind of shoot.

    As mentioned, I think pro photogs need to do their PR well, and need to distribute their cards to get more jobs. Unless you're employed by the mighty SPH, which is now becoming a monopoly again! Well, this is how things are here in S'pore.
    owned by SPH.

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