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Thread: Questions abt compact drive

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    Default Questions abt compact drive

    Sounds stupid. But I am planning to get a compact drive as I find shooting in RAW *shiok*. Does the compact drive accepts transfer of Nikon NEF files?

    I just read that AP sells the 40gb version for $330. Will they accept credit card for such purchase? I mean the value is not very high.

    Thanks for replies.

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    It is jus a portable HDD with built-in card-reader. Hence, u can copy anything to it & download to ur pc later.
    Insert the card into the slot, press the 'OK' button, it will copy, once done, a 'Smiling' Face will appear on the screen indicating all files in the card are copied.
    U can use it as a external HDD when connected to ur pc. Sometimes I use it to back up my files(mp3, movies, documents etc).

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    The compactdrive basically just copies anything that's on your CF card into the drive, whether it's JPG, RAW or any file extension. I'm using it right now

    Shooting RAW more often now, needed to buy a DVDRW too, to backup all my RAW files.. Spending more and more ...


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