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Thread: Monopod

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    Quote Originally Posted by kei1309

    not everyone has a Sony SLT or Canon 60D
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    Default Re: Monopod

    u dun use monopod to shoot long exposures cos u still have to use your hand to hold the monopod to keep it from falling, so shaky heads = long exposure disaster.

    usually u see those sports photographers using monopod when shooting marathons cos its more flexible then tripod.

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    Those 3 legs monopod will only give you better support, but don't ever leave your camera alone. Any wind or knock the monopod will still falls.

    A monopod is also handy when you want to shoot from high to low, with some good balance holding your monopod high =) you can shoot from 3~4m height easily (I usually set a 10sec countdown when doing this)

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    Default Re: Monopod

    get a tripod, a sturdy one.

    if find that is too troublesome to bring tripod, than it is better just forget about shooting night scene, or anything need long exposure.
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