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Thread: ND Grad Screw-In Filter -- where to buy?

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    Question ND Grad Screw-In Filter -- where to buy?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Neutral Density Graduated Screw In Filter in 67mm size. Is there anywhere (physical store or online store) that these things are available? (I am not looking for the square/rectangular filters.) Thanks.

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    Default Re: ND Grad Screw-In Filter -- where to buy?

    You could try our own ClubSnap MarketPlace Forum. A good alternative:
    Camera Filters, B+W, Hoya, Daisee, NISSIN Low prices on Maxsaver , Sales Tax and Shipping are Free

    You probably have your reasons but I do seriously suggest you invest in rectangular ND grads instead; especially so for ND grads.


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