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Thread: X-Drive not working

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    I got the X-Drive ver.1 when it first launch. And i having so problem with it. The power buttom seems to work at his fancy. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't even after pressing it repeatedly after a full charge. Have anyone face this problem. It's so frustrating to bring it oversesa and can't get it to work to download the photos.Will appreciate if you can advise or help.


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    After testing it, i think it's either the charger is not working or the batteries are not holding charge. I power it using the USB cable and it work fine. But being a portable drive, it doesn't make sense to plug in to a USB port. Will appreciate if anyone who had experienced the same problem can advise. Or where can i get new charger or batteries?

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    IIRC the button is very easy to get pressed, maybe when inside the bag or something the button was depressed and energy was wasted?


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