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Thread: how to minimize handshake?

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    Originally posted by qhelix

    You're using the Fuji S602Z? Well, I'm not sure whether you can adjust the flash or not, but if you can you should be able to find it somewhere in the menu settings.

    I guess if not using the flash is too dark, then it simply means you cant do without the flash. Try playing around with the settings and see the results.

    You could try going into Manual Mode, set the fastest shutter speed you can manage, set the Aperture to F8.0 and set the Exposure Compensation to a negative value. I'm quite sure your shot will still turn up under-exposed even though the flashs was fired. From there you could slowly increase the exposure compensation, followed by lowering the shutter speed and so on till you get the proper exposure for your picture.
    thanks ! will try that out tonite..

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    Originally posted by Goondu
    Try here for more details.
    from the article.. it means if using my camera which is 35mm-210mm, at the widest angle, i should use 1/50 and at the tightest angle, use 1/250 right ? this is just a guideline, i reckon..

    I try to increase the shutter speed by a stop to see if it makes any difference..

    btw.. just came to me.. if i used a faster shutter but used Exposure compensation, it negates the underexposure effect is it ?

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