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    Thinking to get new battery for my LX5. How much is the original and 3rd party?
    Any recommended store to check?

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    Check your PM dude!

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    @Aisyah: thanks

    tried googling and found out that 3rd party battery can't display battery indicator, and LCD auto-off/camera sleep function also can't work.
    is it true?

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    I am thinking of buying the battery for LX-5 camera.

    Can you tell me the price of the original battery and the third party battery ?

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    I also thinking of buy an extra battery and the auto lens cap. Just wonder the prices

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    Not true

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    original is about 80 to 85, 3rd party ones can be as cheap as 15 dollars but they also can go dry within 2 hours.

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    what do you mean can go dry within 2 hours?

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    it means, it went flat after 2 hours of usage... a few are better half a day.


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