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Thread: MAS suspended three employees

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    Lightbulb GIC suspended three employees for insider trading

    correction: the heading should read 'GIC' and not 'MAS'.

    this forum has been quiet lately.

    this evening news, due to media pressures, GIC initiated further measures by suspending three employees found guilty of insider trading in a civil suit. not enough lah! (see threads about one month ago below.)


    i think, in this case, the employer, GIC has vicarious liability since the three employees were acting for and in the interest of their employer. I would say they were acting within proper authority eg. trading in japanese equities.

    Besides, the loss avoided should have been donated to charities instead of 'donating' to MAS for the funding of educational efforts. You scratch my back, i scratch yours?

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    no interest meh?

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    what's there to say ... same old thing lor.

    when people complain in newspaper Forum or some public forum, then govt agency take action la.

    likewise, if u have poor service from any camera vendor, just write to newspaper forum la, guarantee quick action taken one

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    catch no ballz.
    Objection !!!


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