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Thread: 19 inch samsung LCD 190T/190v good to buy?

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    Exclamation 19 inch samsung LCD 190T/190v good to buy?

    at simlim 4th floor got one shop selling. the uncle quote me

    $850 for non dvi , contrast ratios =800:1

    $890 for dvi version. contrast ratios =1000:1

    when calibrated properly and with such a good contrast ratio, it seems like a good buy! so is this LCD worth buying?

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    nobody aiming for 19" LCD for photoshop? dont tell me everyone else use cheapo 15" or apple studio display ah?

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    i think the T ver has higher image quality. last time was drooling over the 17T. will wait awhile more.

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    Actually, you mean the 910T/910V right?

    Sitex is selling the 910T at $888 before $20 rebate. But they have 7 DP policy...

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    ya, 910 my error. thanks for highlighting

    hmmm but the webpage say its 16.2million colour only...arrg coz i tot i would be 16.7 ah but the contrast ratio very appealing leh.


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