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Thread: Switzerland family vacation - which camera to bring?

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    Default Switzerland family vacation - which camera to bring?

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning a vacation to Switzerland with my family (wife + 2 kids). Itinerary includes city + light hiking in the mountains. I want to bring my Fuji X100 but it does not have a zoom. Don't know if I'll need a zoom or not since will be mostly taking landscape shots I think.

    Should I bring along my D80 + 18-200VR lens as well? I'm quite concerned about the weight, especially for hiking + I have to carry the kids' stuff. Alternatively I could bring the D80 + 50mm prime which is lighter.

    On the one hand have two cameras safer, in case anything happen to the X100. But on the other hand I want to travel as light as possible so that moving around by trains is easier. I'm doing free and easy self-travel and will be moving around quite a bit. Planning at least 3 locations across switzerland.

    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
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    Default Re: Switzerland family vacation - which camera to bring?

    Any normal zoom, eg starting 16mm or 18mm for D80. You need for scenic background. if not , 18-200 should do the work.(don't remind yourself the weight). Just carry one when you go outdoor and keep the spare at hotel... Last Dec when I went to Hokkaido, brought along D90, D700, 11-16mm and 24-70mm. No regret, specially you want the shot the beautiful scenic and your family and the len is wide enough.

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    I agree, any wide angle lens will work best for such kind of trip. I was in Switzerland last October and I was carrying Canon 60D and 15-85mm lens. It's wide enough to cover most of the sceneries I wanted to shot and it's also good enough to take some candid shot of the people there. I wish I already have the 10-22mm lens back then since it's wider and it's lighter since I didn't like the candid shots in the end. But maybe you need the zoom to take stolen shots of your family especially the kids.
    As for the backup camera, I was using my samsung galaxy s2. ;-)
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