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    Quote Originally Posted by Csboi View Post
    Maybe TS feels that those are not as reliable as CS 5, lightroom, etc..
    so what are you trying to prove?

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    Similar to Microsoft, adobe has penetrate the student market by offering cheap versions of their software. Making students to learn and use their product and infused the industry standards into them. Hence in the future, they will be reluctant to try out new software. Maybe TS was an art student? Just my 2 cents.
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    i use gimp, picasa and irfanview...all free and gd enough for my basic pp work.
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    For night shots, usually i have to use PS. There's isn't much to adjust on exposure/colors but there is always a need to do selective sharpening, and burning out irrelevent stuff.

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    I am only using DPP (Canon's own editing software), GIMP and Irfanview (with the Irfanview only doing batch resizing and sharpening and stuff like that only).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    You won't know till you try...
    Im more than happy with Lightroom. But im sure it would make a viable alternative if I loose LR for some reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicorn View Post
    so what are you trying to prove?
    What I mean is that maybe TS heard from his friends that Photoshop is very good at this, very good at that, bla bla bla. So you know peer influence is actually quite strong. I am not saying that canon software is not good. Did I?
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