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Thread: Any good recommendations?

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    Default Any good recommendations?

    Hi guys.
    Got a questions to ask.
    I'm a total beginner at photography. Thinking abt getting an SLR camera for learning as digital SLR is way out of my budget. (ard $500+ btw)

    Any good SLR cameras to recommend? I heard that there is a new canon EOS 300x model out. I wonder is that good for learning? or should I go for older models, like Nikon F55? How is F55 compared to 300x?
    Can someone kindly point out the pros can cons of the camera they recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

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    wha, i think this had been asked a couple of times already..

    Hmm, if you wanna learn the basics of photography, can go for the amateur series.. The 3 digit EOSes like 300v, 3000, 300 etc; But if you wanna learn the more intermediate stuffs of photography, i think most would suggest that you go with teh prosumer range, or the 2 digit EOSes like 30, 30v, 33, 33v, 50, 55, 10 blah blah blah..

    The difference between the two is that teh 3 digit series offer lesser control with regards to certain photographic elements as compared to teh 2 digit series.. For example the EOS 300 doesn't allow you to choose a 1st/2nd curtain sync.. it only allows 1st curtain sync.. The more important thing is that the 2 digit EOSes offer a wider area for progressing in the photography realm. Because more control == more mistakes == more lessons learnt

    Hmm, if you have not touched a camera, or have not taken a roll of film entirely by yourself before, i suggest that you go for second hand cameras. Because let's say you get a EOS 30, like say $600 without grip, then use for a couple of weeks.. first roll of film developed.. wha shiok, pictures very nice.. so you stare at them pictures for a week.. then after that, leave your camera in your dry box, for like a month, because no time.. for another month, because got other committments.. then for another month, because you are lazy to get off your butt and go outside to shoot, you will start to lose your interest! and when that happens, Boom, you put your camera up in the B/S section, and if you're lucky, sell it off at $475.. you're gonna lose $125 just for shooting one roll of film man!

    so ya, i hope it makes sense

    Oh right, the F55 and EOS 300 belongs to the same range So functionalities more or less the same

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