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Thread: Paid Photoshoot light setup

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    Default Paid Photoshoot light setup


    I couldn't find a definitive answer when i tried to search.

    I was wondering, for the Paid Photoshoots offered by CS, are we allowed to bring our own wireless-triggered flash, stands and umbrellas for the shoot?

    Or are we only allowed to use what's provided or available light?


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    Default Re: Paid Photoshoot light setup

    Why don't you ask the organizer? They should be the one defining the (technical) conditions to join.

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    Remember, the shoots are NOT "offered by CS". They are just advertised on here. If you have questions, ask the organizers themselves.

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    Ah yes i mean offered AT CS, not by.

    I was wondering in general. It sounds like different organizers may have different participation rules?

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    u need to bring along profoto lights. if not cannot join.


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