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Thread: Transfer from cam to portable HDD device without computer?

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    Lightbulb Transfer from cam to portable HDD device without computer?

    Hi all,

    I came across a very interesting device called "blue sync" at compass point.
    The device is actually a small 'thing' that accepts USB connections on both sides.

    One side plugs to the camera, and the other side plugs to your portable storage (eg: 2.5inch HDD casing). It costs $68 there and I haven't seen it at SLS or east gear. Anyone know or seen something like this around that costs cheaper? It beats carrying a laptop just to download my pics on a holiday.
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    I think you are talking abt the same device that I have been using. Saw CP selling it also. Have been using that to transfer photos from camera to my iPod. Just take note that the devices that you attached to this "blue sync" have to be self powered. If not it will not work. Also check the compatibility of your camera with the device.


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