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Thread: Hand Grip?

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    Some additional info on the Zing and Matin Handgrips.

    The padding of the Zing is made of some sort of spongy material (I think it's called neoprene or something like that). On a warm day, extended use will cause sweaty palm. It comes with a detachable rubberised strap which can be clipped to the handgrip and loop around the wrist for safety. There's also a metal clip to attached to the belt of your pants where you can hang the camera via the handgrip to your waist. This IMO is not practical. The retaining screw that holds the grip to the tripod mounting screw thread is of poor quality. I have replaced that with a QR plate for better hold and stability.

    The Matin comes in 2 models, II/III, only difference is the material used. I'm using the III model which is made from leather. I like the smell of leather. It has a detachable clip to secure the handgrip and camera to your wrist to prevent accidental dropping. Not so sweaty as the Zing, and with extended use the sweet smell of leather is shiok.

    My personsal choice, I prefer the Matin over the Zing. This is from the user's point of view, as I do not have any connections with the manufacturers nor the distributors. So it's up to you which you prefer.
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    thanx for the detailed info.

    but i'm not too sure that i'll like the smell of sweaty leather.

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