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Thread: 07 JAN 2012 Summer Holiday CONCEPT SHOOT

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    Default 07 JAN 2012 Summer Holiday CONCEPT SHOOT

    Saturday Morning Summer Holiday Concept Shoot

    Rong Rong & Zhuo Yan

    Date: 07th Jan 2012 Saturday Morning

    Time: 9:00am-11:30am(include 30mins break)

    Location: Outdoor (Will be revealed to paid participants)

    Models: 2

    Ratio: Max 6:1

    Cost: $35 for repeat members and early birds (payment before Thursday

    05th Jan
    11pm), $40 thereafter

    How to Join?
    1. PM / SMS 84517585 / Email
    with your name, nick & mobile number.
    2. Details will be sent to you via SMS/Email .
    3. Shoot details will be sent after payment is made.

    The conpect of the shoot is as following:

    Pictures for Illustration Purposes Only


    Credits to Micheal for the nice pic #1&2.


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    Default Re: 07 JAN 2012 Summer Holiday CONCEPT SHOOT

    Thanks Haizel for sending me this beautiful photo.


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