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Thread: Solution compilation for leeching pictures

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    Default Solution compilation for leeching pictures

    Hopefully mods make it into a sticky. In that way, if there's a need to answer this pressing problem (which will potentially cost the reputation of every single serious photographer), there can be a quick reference to it.

    Feel free to add on!

    - Javascript to block right-click>save?
    - Anti-leeching codes?
    - Paid forum access for specific sections?
    - Hire a lawyer to sue the hell out of any forum/group/website/individual that leeches?
    - Hardcopy print/bring it on a laptop and show it to fellow clubsnappers during SEED?
    - For all those who want access to Portrait shoots must do a seperate registration?

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    anti leeching codes can be done but only to stop direct linking. all you need is to make sure that browsers that view the pictures have a proper referer (ie: clubsnap).

    however, it still will not stop people from downloading the picture or pulling it out of their temp folders and then pasting it.

    so alternative is to translucent watermark the whole picture


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