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Thread: colored bokeh??

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    Default colored bokeh??

    is this photoshopped or shot right out in color?? super nice color bokeh

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    Default Re: colored bokeh??

    looks shopped

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    Bokeh looks artificial. How to get such naturally discrete n perfectly round and distinctive bokeh with varying diameters like that?!? Looks more like bubbles than bokeh...
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    Default Re: colored bokeh??

    no need to look. 100% shopped
    quite easy infact

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    Default Re: colored bokeh??

    hmmm now it makes sense......... easy to replicate? how worr

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    Default Re: colored bokeh??

    Very easy to photoshop. You can also see from the skintone and her overprocessed eyes that it's photoshopped.

    As for having colored blur and bokeh highlights, just use colored lights.... But yes, in this case it's heavily processed.

    By the way, not giving proper reverences to where you found that pic and the photog is considered plagiarism. FIX IT.

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    Default Re: colored bokeh??

    i'll say it's PS
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    Default Re: colored bokeh??

    select a round brush, feather it.
    go to brush settings and play with the settings.


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