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Thread: Beginner looking for a zoom lens.

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    Default Re: Beginner looking for a zoom lens.

    The kit lens is very useful for indoor shots, like Home party and tight corner shots,

    I sold and bought my kit lens several times, and I always find it good for indoors, the 18mm from the DAL 18-55 is so useful to get everyone of the party into the shots.

    also if you want to get a full body shot when you just stand half of meter of the your subject.

    DAL 18-55 at 28mm (43mm eqvi)

    for traveling, I would suggest

    1. 28-135 manual lens, generally from available around 110 SGD, as for traveling, you may find the 50-200 or 50-300 abit tight when you want something wide, or you may end up switching lens too often for shots.

    while 28mm still give you something wide, unless you mainly use your kit lens for most time in a travel shots.

    2. 2nd hand Pentax 18-200 Autofocus lens, you may be able get this old autofocus lens around 200, much useful for general walkaround, and still produce ok quality photo

    3. old Pentax 28-300 autofocus lens, you may be able get it around ???, search the bns, also quite good

    4. 50-200 and 50-300 are good if you subject is always about 2 meters away from you.

    5. sigma 70-300 macro 1:2, under 200 sgd, but good if you go safari, most shots are far away.

    but in a city, 28mm-135mm or 28-80mm, 28-200mm are cheap lens from the old film days, which give you good coverage and reach, also cheap. some of them even autofocus,

    so try bns or a camera shop to see which fits you better.

    in narrow place like this, you need at least 28mm wide

    or for scenary background, 18mm really useful

    also good for closeup

    some experience sharing:

    on my last Thai trip, I brought 3 lens:
    - DAL 18-55: used a lot for Daylight shots
    - 28mm f2.8 prime: not used so often, only used for indoor shots when the Sun light not available
    - 50mm f1.4 prime: used mainly for night shots, as no Cheap Zoom is fast enough or bright enough for dark streets shots

    Pentax M 50mm f1.4

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    Default Re: Beginner looking for a zoom lens.

    For beginner I will normally suggest getting a Tamron 18-200 F3.5-6.3 as brand new for this lens is about $350 (local set), 2nd hand will be lower than that.
    This lens will replace the kit lens completely and new user can get a feel which focal he is more comfortable with.
    Cover the most commonly used focal length but optical quality is as good as a kit lens cannot compare with the optical quality of prime lens.

    3rd party lens will offer an alternative for new user who want a lens a notch better than kit lens

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    Default Re: Beginner looking for a zoom lens.

    Hi, I've seen and I'm choosing between the Pentax DA / DAL 55-300mm and Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro. Which would be a better choice? Any suggestions? Where could I get a new one for a good price? I wouldn't mind increasing the budget if it's worth it.

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    Default Re: Beginner looking for a zoom lens.

    Just save up and get the DA 18-135mm... covers from wide angle to tele in one lens and focus is fast and silent.

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