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    Hi there, I just need a little bit of help here.

    I have got an offer of a 2nd hand lens which has been sent for servicing once. Info given is that lens was sent to changed its motor and calibration. What are the pros and cons of buying a lens that has been sent for servicing.

    Please advice.

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    Pros: It has been serviced.
    Cons: It has been serviced.
    There is no clear and simple answer. Some people claim that a lens is best when it's fresh from factory and after taking it apart it will never be again as good as new. But on the other hand: lenses are made with the idea of servicing them, otherwise they would be disposable lenses, right? A skilled technician will deliver a job that will return a lens working within the designated parameters. To distinguish a fresh lens and a serviced one .. either it's a topic for kopitiam and lens esoteric or it was a bad job.
    If you need a peace of mind from having warranty (and maybe somebody to complain about lousy QC) then get a new lens. If you want to take pictures instead, many 2nd hand and serviced lenses do a great job here in Singapore and elsewhere.
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    shouldn't be any problem.
    as long as the servicing was done with a skilled technician who knows what he is doing, and that the lens is now working like how it should

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    Hmm. I better keep servicing Receipt to prove expert cleaning.

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    Thanks you i'll reconsider e options of getting a one or go with e once serviced lens.

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    Well.. if it works perfectly fine. who cares.. Even new lenses..sooner or later might need servicing. If it worries you alot.. Then perhaps the best bet is to buy 1 from the shop. New + Warranty. But of cos.. u will need to pay more since its not 2nd hand..

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    I have not encountered this before but on reading the opinions, I am inclined to favor serviced lens. Like a car, a well serviced engine is less prone to trouble. Does that make any sense? Is the analogy wrong? Somebody pls help... :-)


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