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    Anybody knows where to get used lens/equipments. I'm looking for a manual focus lens for nikon. I know several places like TCW @peninsula and 2 shops @Adelphi. Anywhere else? Thanks for the help!!

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    most shops are ard tt area la....

    does the CS forum count?? try buy and sell, do a WTB post, normally the prices here are better haha..


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    There are two more in the basement of the ADELPHI across the road. Prices are nothing fantastic. Ebay and clubsnap has got better deals.

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    peninsula 2nd floor got alex photo and k13. never tried them though

    yes adephi got 2 in the basement. one i can't remember the name. the other is p&g run by david. you can try bargaining from the prices listed there.

    check out the US site i'm in the process of trying them so can't tell you how they are

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    I would avoid K13 at all cost. Do a search and you will see plenty of good reasons to do that. does look pretty good. I just ordered two lenses myself after checking out the site.


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