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Thread: Olympus E-300 Nitpicker's Review

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    Default Olympus E-300 Nitpicker's Review


    I'm starting a new thread to share with parties interested in Oly's coming E300 on ndrzej (Un-jay) Wrotniak website. The article is technically detailed, informative & fair, makes a good read from the usual digi photo sites.

    Looks like he's a true-blue Oly user, enjoy :-)

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    I actually had a chance to play with a prototype last weekend, only for a few minutes. Not enough time to form an opinion on the camera itself, but the 7-14mm lens was quite cool

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    the site has got nice interpretation of the CCD. i didn't know the E1 CCD is 14bits colour. if its true, that probably explain why the E1 has such nice colours compared to the rest. i m now doubly happy with my E1 purchase.

    also not forgetting to mention about using FFT CCD to achieve the highest DR among APS size DSLRs (as of this writing)!! totally awesome!!

    to summarise it all, Oly really knows how to make a good DSLR.
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