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    Any fellow apple-iUsers here with reliable portable chargers to recommend? looking for a power efficient one to last me through the day but not really sure about models to compare. :l most of the ones I googled about can't be found easily in Sg
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    Energizer/ eneloop?
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    I use one by lifetronics. Its a red dot award winning product. Can charge iPhone abt 3 to 4 times with one full charge. Got mine dutyfree on board a flight. Not sure where else you can buy it.

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    I've used energizer before... the small portable one.
    Its quite good and with good power and hold.
    I lost it and now I use PowerMonkey - not available in Sg I believe.
    I bought mine on eBay.
    I chose to use PowerMonkey because I can use it with a solar charger which is useful when I travel.
    I travel to remote places... if you go to cities you wouldn't need a solar charger.
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