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Thread: GNC warehouse sales, at Macpherson road

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    Default GNC warehouse sales, at Macpherson road

    For gym/health forumer,

    Check out promotions section.

    Just went there, brought BCAA, Creatine and Whey protein.
    Items range from 50-70%. Expiration also quite long, 2006 or 2007.

    Got protein drink and bars. The bars taste terrible so did not get any.
    For Atkins product lover, check them out, also on sale there.

    Been hitting the gym recently (need all the supplement help) and trying to do tanning on weekend.

    Quite a few babes at yishun safra.

    Sales from today till tomorrow, as well as next Sat n Sun.

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    you bet i noted them at safra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reachme2003
    you bet i noted them at safra.
    which safra?
    other safra I went is Tampines.

    Ages ago I went there to tan, just out of army n such..
    lean n fit, not like now. sexy belly n all.

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    you have! sorry, work harder! it is yishun safra.


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