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Thread: Advise needed from user

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    Default Advise needed from user

    Hi all,

    I have been using for 1 year plus as my photo sharing side.
    I used to post photos in CS from the

    For example, in this old thread:|.html
    I posted photos using this link:
    I obtained the link from that time

    After about 1 year, I have not post any photos in CS. Recently when I want to post photos, I realised I cannot generate / obtain similar link.
    This resulted in too large or too small photos, if I post the photos in CS

    Maybe have changed some layout that makes me unfamiliar.

    Would like to see if any CS members have good solutions.
    Of course, last choice would be switch another platform, which I do not want, unless, no choice.


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    Maybe can use Flickr or picasa as an alternative

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    Default Re: Advise needed from user

    It is kind of funny but I realised I should have ask the there. I've asked there and waiting for reply. Meanwhile, any input are welcome.


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