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Thread: It Takes 3 Secs To Fall In Love....

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    anyone seen that sony viewcam ad?
    depicting a jap/tibetan rugged-looking guy viewing the world thru his handycam? tot it was a pretty good ad and pulled a few heartstrings..

    its still raining outside and dam.. i cant get to sleep!
    all my cats were sleeping peacefully until i turned on the lights and disturb their beauty sleep.. they're giving me the dagger stares now...

    anyway, i was pondering over the adage - "treat your spouse as you would treat a stranger".. how much truth is there in it?

    it may sound superficial at first glance.. but if u'd think about it.. it does make some sense.. most people would have more patience and tolerance towards people they do not know as well.. why is this so? imagine if u were waiting for your date who came exceptionally late.. and u were startin to get cheesed off.. would u show it? if the r/s was new and budding, u mite even say "oh.. its my pleasure waitin for u.. " but actually cursing under your breath? say if ur gf/bf makes u a nice cuppa hot tea.. again, if the r/s was new and budding, u mite probably be touched and say "oh.. honey.. that was so sweet of you.. " but if it was ur wife say, of 30 yrs? would u have jus accepted that cuppa hot tea with a grunt of acknowledgement without even bothering to make any eye contact with her?

    anyway, jus like to learn from everyone's experience here.. (esp from those who've been married donkey years.. can still say u love ur partner jus as much since day 1 or even more..)

    what does it take to keep a r/s going strong and real?

    to keep on loving someone.. that at the end of the day.. what u really want by ur side is someone who listens .. cares for u and understands u deeply.... despite the grey hairs.. and wrinkled skin..smelly breath... yet hands&heart held tightly together..

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    Personally, I think how the relationship turns out depends on how both sides perceive the relationship to be like. If you enjoy your partner's company, even though you two are not doing anything, you could be having the time of your life.

    I'm sure some people notice that having been with someone for a while, they start to find that they're doing the same thing over and over again, and it starts to get boring. Perhaps these are the times when some doubts might creep in, insecurities might occur, tempers might flare, so on so forth.

    I guess to keep a relationship going strong, you'd need to find reasons to keep the interest and the flames burning. I don't think it's just the physical or emotional bond that you have.

    Perhaps surprise your partner? Do things out of the ordinary, not because of a special occasion, but just any time you feel like it. Maybe add a personal touch to it? Cards? Flowers? A Back massage? A foot massage? Breakfast in bed? Cook dinner and await your partner's smile and hug in gratitude? I guess the key would be to make that person feel extra special.

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    This shows that the ad is working Its raining outside and i'm wet from head to toe! When you know someone for long, one tend to take him/her for granted. Thats why i'm

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    3 years to divorce...

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    'what u really want by ur side is someone who listens .. cares for u and understands u deeply'

    uhm uhm, how to start this? it appears to me that if the above is what everyone wants in a r/s, i wonder who is going to give or provide them? not flaming pls.


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