You're invited to the Premiere screening and mini photo exhibition of Waiting on 6 Jan 2012 at library@esplanade 0500pm to 730pm. Free admission!

The Story

Like it or not, people spend a large amount of time in their lives waiting, whether is it for something as trivial as waiting for the bus to arrive or a milestone such as waiting for the delivery of a new born child.

Waiting can be exciting, anxious, frustrating or even helpless, and we hope to capture these emotions in the song and the drama series, which is about four different characters waiting for different things in their lives.

The Project

The series consists of a total of 10 episodes of 6 to 8 minutes each, including a minute cut of the opening and ending songs.

The series will be streamed online for free, but the two songs and drama series will be available in a special edition DVD which you can purchase here. 50% of nett sales proceeds are donated to charity, real people who are waiting for help.

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