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Thread: Hey D70 for under $1000?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nipapa
    Hi ppl,
    actually i just have smting stupid to post. Meaning i have smthing to share.

    i can't believe D70 selling for under 1000 or US$450. Maybe experts will want their very own camera. But for newbies... sometimes, i don't see why not.
    enjoy. Only have about 5 hrs left.

    Hey Guys,

    Better be careful than sorry .

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    Quote Originally Posted by satan_18349

    but of course sometimes things just can't be too good to be true...morever now a D70 brand new local kit is just selling at $1.6+-!!!
    S$1.6K for kit? wow.... where?!!!!!

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    hell 極樂世&


    note* ($1.6 +-)

    Lords..Ms colour etc...selling around $1.65k -$1.7k...

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