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Thread: Need Advise on Jewellery Photography

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    Default Need Advise on Jewellery Photography

    Been trying to do some jewellery photography. i would like to know how i can improve.

    Currently using AF Micro Nikkor 60mm.

    Shot on f16 1/60s ISO100 with a light box

    Thank you.

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    A lightbox gives usable (i use this term loosely) images but lacks punch because of such even lighting.
    If you're not looking for quality then okay this is passable. Otherwise it lacks highlights, has totally no feel and does not answer why anyone would want to purchase it.

    A few months back a fellow member posted some pictures regarding Jewellery in either this sub-forum or in Abstract sub-forum. I and several others posted some comments there you might find helpful.

    My mistake, it was in newbie corner.
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    Default Re: Need Advise on Jewellery Photography

    Hi there,

    I think u need a nice backdrop.
    Have you seen LeeHwa Jewellery website?
    They have nice photos on jewelleries. Perhaps you could take a look...


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    Default Re: Need Advise on Jewellery Photography

    Thank you all! will try to improve.. =)


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