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    Recently I'm into manual photography and I'm accummulating lots of prints. I used to put my family/friends photos in albums, but now that I'm doing lomography, I get more random shots that hardly warrant an album. So I'm thinking of storing in a box. Would it need to be an 'acid-free' box and if so, where to get?

    Or any other suggestions how I should store them?

    Also, when you shoot a roll of film and receive your prints, what do you do with the ones you 'reject'...those that are under or over-exposed...?

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    throw away?

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    i buy one of the big storage boxes for 10 bucks, then put silica gel in the box .

    i don't think thats the best method, but its one of the cheapest.

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    daphz, how was ur bangkok trip?

    erm, u can scan ur pics first(abt 6 bucks a roll) then choose from there(better to scan a few rolls at a time) this is esp so with LOMOs, since u wont have the slightest idea how things r gonna turn out

    or use a modified dry box for ur pics(as mentioned above)


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