The Photographers’ Gallery
Gregorius & Theresia Suharsono
November 19 – December 16

Admission: Free

About the Exhibition
Archipelago showcases the lush photography works of Greogorius and Theresia Suharsono which depicts the beauty of Indonesia through their eyes.

About the Photographers
Gregorius and Theresia are an unique couple, dedicating 16 years of their lives to their passion for photography.

Gregorius loves photography since he was 10 years old. His only education into the world of photography comes from courses, and read a lot of books and magazines like the Practical Photography and National Geographic.

Theresia knew little about photography, that was until she and Greg engaged. Through working as his partner, Theresia found a new form of art to which she could express her visions. She is excellent with close up and macros shots.

In contrast with Greg’s strong shots, Theresia gives a softer touch to her pictures and adds colors and shape into their photographs.

This year they begin their photography exhibition at THE PHOTOGRAPHERS' GALLERY in Singapore and will follow with some exhibitions next year at some leading Galleries and hotels at Jakarta and Singapore.

The highlight will be at THE WORLD TRADE CENTER Jakarta, which will happen on 11th - 17th July 2005. They will launch their book "Tukang Potret" (The Photographer), a true-life story working as photographer in Indonesia.

About the gallery
The Photographers’ Gallery (TPG for short) aims to provide a unique space for creativity and expression in the visual art of photography. Since its opening, TPG has served as a hub to photographers, photographic enthusiasts and patrons alike.

It is our conviction that art should be expressed without boundaries and as such, the gallery is devoted as a channel to express, evolve and enhance creativity in the art of photography.

Centrally and conveniently located at MITA (Ministry of Information, Communication and The Arts) Building, TPG serves to play an important role in the photographic community and beyond, through its gallery exhibition, photography courses, art rental and sale.

We welcome you to shape your experience in TPG and join us in Speaking the Language of Light.