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    Has anyone used DxO Optics Pro before? Seems like a rather expensive software but also seems to be able to do wonders.

    The Luminous Landscape's review of DxO Optics Pro
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    I've tried the trial. Seems to work very well.

    The only major problem I face. Optics Pro refuses to accept images that were edited by Nikon capture 4. So I had to load the NEF files into Optics pro first. But Optics pro only output in TIFF. So I lose the advance raw edit features in Nikon Capture. That kind of screws up my whole process.

    I am still complencating whether to pay the US$99. I just might wait till the next update/upgrade.

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    DxO has just emailed me that DxO Optics Pro now provides RAW support for 10D. Tempting.


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