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Thread: Fujifilm Minilab Adding Noise

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    I've recently made a few prints at my neighbourhood Fujifilm Minilab and have noticed that in a few of the prints, noise appears to have increased in the prints!

    This occurred only for the photos which were taken indoors under artificial, dim, yellow, lighting.

    Viewing the prints from far they appear as a sort of noise banding.

    I have scanned a copy of the offending print to show how noise has increased even in the areas that were devoid of noise(bright areas) in the original photo.

    The print is on the left and the original photo is on the right.

    Appearance of noise is supposed to be reduced when printing at a small size(4R), yet there is more noise!

    Does anybody know why this is happening? Is it a problem with their resizing algorithm introducing noise or auto image-enhancement gone wrong?

    Please help, thanks.

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    I guess it could be Fujifilm Minilab performing a sort of chroma noise reduction, considering that the print is so devoid of colour compared to the original photo, yet it does not explain why more noise is present.

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    Looks like the mini lab is actually doing a lot of things with your file, I would say downsizing and sharpening or some contrast. Depending on the software they use this may introduce a whole lot of artifacts
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