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Thread: A Lomo Crap Tutorial

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    Default A Lomo Crap Tutorial

    Turning your photo into LOMO like without the light leaks, dusts and scratches

    1. open any photo you got

    2. tweak the photo as you please
    Here, it's best to use layer adjustment

    3. once you're done, create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N...Just press ENTER) and press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+E, immediately!...and you'll get an all layer merge
    without flattening anything!

    4. Duplicate your merged image, which i named LOMO LAYER 1, and make an oval marquee as shown below.
    Apply Feather (Alt+Ctrl+D) of abt 200-250 (depends on your image size).
    Click OK...and simply press delete!

    WHEN YOU PRESS DELETE, from the Layers Dialog Box, you'll notice that the LOMO LAYER 1 will have an oval transparent
    space. If you have like mine (see're cool to go)

    5. Now for the LOMO effect...Change the layer blend mode to MULTIPLY for LOMO LAYER 1. You can
    duplicate the layer a few times (but NOT too many ya) until u like the Sh!t out of
    it. We're not DONE yet.

    6. Time to X-process it a little. Create a new Adjustment Layer, and this time
    use GRADIENT the gradient map that you want to experiment with and click OK.
    Below shows my selected (follow the stupid RED ARROW) gradient map.

    7. The BLOODY FINAL STEP is to CHANGE the Gradient Map 1 layer that you have just added to COLOR...and adjust the OPACITY to your visual pleasure.

    8. The closing step is to flatten your image liao.

    *continue below*

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    Default continue

    Here's the BEFORE

    Here's the AFTER

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    this tutorial is easy sh!t actually..i've been using it have fun trying it out...DONT CARE if your actual photo is NICE OR NOT...

    as for mine...i chose a BLUR LIKE SOTONG PHOTO!

    HAVE FUN TRYING CSers!!!!!

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    Fun stuff... thanks!

    Time to Lomofy my pics


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