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Thread: What was your starting gear?

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    Have to agree on this.. still remember those days when "Ah Pek" wedding photographers carry a "hammerhead flash" (think that was what it was called)... still have one of them in my store room. Mertz was the maker of the flash that was very popular ... always accurate in terms of power. Good old days.

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    Don't discount the Ah Pek photographers, the old timers shooting old school methods can often trump any inexperienced wannabes calling themselves 'photojournalistic'. Seen many 'photojournalistic' portfolios without even a single photo worthy of real wedding photojournalism.

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    I was shooting using a Sony A230 with 18-55mm lens when I start shooting freelance and earn from it.
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    I start out with minolta X-300 and X-700 bodies and few vivitar series 1 lenses. And using the hammer head metz 45CL-4 flash.

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