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Thread: GY joins Kuok Group

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    Default GY joins Kuok Group

    George Yeo joins Kuok Group as vice-chairman of Kerry Group (HK)

    Natural flow of talent between countries. Many CEOs in Sing are Malaysian born Chinese. SMRT, HP, Hyflux, SIA just to mention a few.

    So now Malaysia got one from Sing. Surprised that China-based companies did not grab him, at this stage of their development on the world stage. They can easily afford to pay him. Anyway, GY will be based in Singapore + HK (now a part of China), which is indicative where the main thrust lies.
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    Default Re: GY joins Kuok Group

    frankly GY should take over the SMRT as CEO. but he is smart, the north-south line is a headache

    this kind of move is understandable. so that Singapore Linked company can have KIA KEE LANG

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    Default Re: GY joins Kuok Group

    SMRT needs a CEO with an electrical background to maintain the rail on track.

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    Default Re: GY joins Kuok Group

    is the rail belong to SMRT or Govt?
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