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Thread: Suggestion for external CD-RW?

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    Default Suggestion for external CD-RW?

    I bought a Toshiba Portege 2000 and now I'd like an external CD-RW to go with it. I saw the Toshiba SL II Premium CDRW Drive on the Toshiba website, but I don't think they gave an indication of how much it cost, so can anyone recommend a cheap external cd-rw drive? My main concern is the cost of the drive since I probably won't burn anything faster than 8x, which brings me to my next question.

    I understand that external USB CD-RW drives can only burn faster than 4x if the computer has a USB 2 port. How can I find out if my laptop has such a port? Tried looking up the specs for my laptop but all they mention is how many USB ports it has. It's running on WinXP Pro btw.

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    Default USB Port

    In Windows XP, you can check the USB port by going to:
    Start Menu
    Control Panel
    Device Manager

    Scroll down to the USB port, and click on properties. I think you will find it there.

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    Unfortunately I couldn't find any info. All they told me was it was a USB Root Hub or something like that, and the driver version is 5.something. Any other ideas?

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    Just a suggestion: does your Device Manager list the name of your USB Host Controller chipset? Perhaps you can do a search for information regarding this chipset or ask around about it on computer hardware forums or newsgroups.

    Btw, make sure the CD-RW drive you purchase supports USB 2.0 as well.


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