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    Hi all

    I just got a Nikon F 601 from my uncle and it comes with a sigma 35 to 135mm lens.

    I just sent both the body and lens for servicing, unfortunately the technican from Sigma called and said that the lens are beyond repair (full of fungus and there are no parts available).

    As such she offered me to sell me a new len (28-80mm) at a rather affordable price, however my question is how do i know whether the lens are compatible with F601.

    She claimed that it is 100% ok with F601 and shld have no problem. How can i verify that?

    Pls advise.

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    U can bring yr F601 to the shop, if the new lens can mount on yr F601, then it is 33% compatible. Then u use the new lens to do metering, set to A mode or S mode, if the new lens can do metering, then it is now 66% compatible. Lastly u use the new lens to do auto-focusing, if the new lens can do auto-focusing, then it is 99% compatible.
    Dont mind I say this, normally I would buy a lens from a camera shop, I would not buy a lens from a technician or repair shop.

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    Think the 28-80 refers to the Nikkor one? If so, it should be fully usable. As long as it's a F-mount it's usable.

    I concur with Astin on his last statement in the paragraph however.

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    Thanks alot

    The lens is being offered by the Sigma Service Centre. Its a 28 to 80mm Sigma lens.

    Just one small question, if the lens are compatible, it can do auto aperturing right?

    thanks again

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    btw, where's the sigma service centre?

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    Hi all

    Is this Sigma-Mini Zoom Macro 28-80mm II Aspherical lens compatible to Nikon F601?

    The Sigma Svc Centre is located at 3791 Jln Bk Merah E-Centre@Redhill, 7th floor.

    Thanks in advance


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