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Thread: Is it common not to shoot at wide open apreture even with a Prime Lens?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST_sg

    Btw, care to elaborate "improper use of the lens"? Does it mean I should use a better lens to shoot in such lighting environment?

    Appreciate for all advises.
    Improper use of the lens refers to using the lens for its NOT INTENDED PURPOSE.

    A prime lens has many uses, but zoom is obviously not one of them. At the point of taking a picture, you should ask yourself what your intended end is! If as B& S said, capturing images of your kids with some movement artifacts cause by a slower shutter speed is OK, then close down the lens, You get some more depth, but some movement which you may like. But if the background is distracting, the wide open aperture may be very good to reduce the distractions to a blur. So visualise the end results and chose the equipment and use its strength to your advantage.

    I have L-lenses in zooms and primes. If I travel, I will bring my zooms. becasue it is often not possible to zoom with my legs. But I will always bring a 35 mm 1.4 for low light shots.

    Dennis Kee mentions the 200/1.8. An absoluteley fabulous Canon lens together with two other similar lenses, from Leica and Zeiss. These are "no expenses spared in manufacturing" lenses. Marvellous! But I think shooting at 1.8 handholding at 1/250 is well, not recommended, putting it politely!

    I would at least use a monopod if not a trupod for this. Too heavy, depth of foed too shallow. Room for error too high!

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    oh ok. You guys are great! Thanks for all inputs. Now realise soft is acceptable while image blur was due to unsteady handheld caused by me.

    After some test shots yesterday, I know what actually mean sweet spot now. And bring home with 2 stops down from widest aperture. Should not worry much of 100% zoom view on screen.

    One more question is, will the subject movement or camera-shake will cause image pixelation which show on my previous thread? However from the table calendar test shots, even at ISO800, i don't see unacceptable pixelation but it did happened some other handheld shots. (Just like the sample from my previous thread).

    Is that pixalation "normal"? It only happened particularly indoor with flash. (Guess, I need to shoot more this weekend to double confirm the issue. )

    Thanks all.
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    your pixelation may be caused by another "error". your camera's metering may be fooled by the brighter background that you mentioned; and hence the flash may underexpose the foreground which has much less light, when you PS the photo, the shadows will have inevitably, more noise. try out different metering modes, or shoot something else using the same settings. you should not see this "problem" again, so long as most of your metered area is roughly the same brightness.

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    hmm... probably you're right. Because of Evaluative metering, strong backlight could cause underexpose, and that's why I pop-up the fill-in flash to compensate the foreground. I should have use exposure lock in that case.

    Thanks for pointing out

    Canon 40D|17-55 f/2.8 IS|100 f/2.8 Macro|135 f/2L|300 f/4L IS|430ex|BG-E2

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