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Thread: Advice needed on catching "plant stealing thief"

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    This situation is like I said irritating & frustrating, but it is really a small matter but you seem incenced & determined to catch him/her. So what if you manage to capture some videos or photos of the act at night, its may not be clear enough for positive identification. The culprit wont be so dumb as to show his face to your CCTV. Are you going to scour your neighbourhood if he's not anyone familiar? Are you going to confront the person if he/she is someone you know. Please dont report this to the police becos its laughable, complain to the town council perhaps if you like. But it will all just create more problems, more headaches, sour relationships, besides spending time & money on this. If its defacing or damaging your property yes by all means do so, but over some pots of plants? I am beginning to think that its not jealousy but anger, over some things you can reflect upon. Anyway its your call.
    Its not all about money. It's about my retired parents time and effort in grooming the plants and the thief comes stealing at will. When we tried to keep it to prevent him/her from stealing, he destroyed it mercilessly. I am not trying to catch him/her and bring him/her to the police or teach him/her a good lesson.

    I am trying to find out why such a person exist, who he/she is, and what is the reason for these insane acts.

    I am not intending to put a CCTV. I am trying to catch this person unaware.
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    Poison Ivy.

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