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Thread: Any good digital models to recommend?

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    Question Any good digital models to recommend?

    Looking to buy a new digital camera.(at least 3mp, 3Xopitical zoom) Any good digital models to recommend?

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    On a personal note, I'll avoid Sony consumer models. The prosumer models still ok.

    But it was a personal bad experience with equipment failure (the CCD costs $235 to replace on my DSC-P72). Mine might be juz an isolated case of equipment failure juz 3 dayz after warranty expired cos I'm pretty rough with it, snow, rain, sun and what have you.

    U might wanna look at Canon Ixus or Nikon Coolpix.

    Check out for more reviews.

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    So far i tried my friend's Sony P8 and Pansonic DMC-F1. Didn't produce quite good quality pictures compare to my other friend's A70.

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    What is your budget? Preferred brand?
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    my brother's sony P-10 was not able to produce sharp images....
    when it broke down, my brother sent it for a quotation on the repair charges only about 2 months back.....
    sony quoted $400 !!!!! i dun know what thing spoil, but $400 repair charges ????
    i might as well buy a new one.... which my brother did... he got a coolpix 5200...

    i recently got the sony DSC-W1... have been very happy with it....
    Hope to learn from everyone here....

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    My budget is around 700++. Preferred brand would be Canon cause i think its the best around. Sorry but no offence to other brand users.


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