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Thread: Recommend a IXUS with manual?

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    Default Recommend a IXUS with manual?

    Can anyone advise which earliest IXUS model has manual photography mode?

    Thinking of getting a small, convenient camera with manual mode to learn...

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    The Ixus models past and present do not have a true manual mode where you can control both shutter and aperture. Its so-called manual mode just allows you to control white balance, ISO setting, exposure compensation and some others.

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    Default A85 recommeded

    Hi i'm using an Powershot A75. But i reccommend A85. Cos the LCD can swivel one. Then it also has manual mode for you to learn. I'm using budget camera so i only have enought to buy A75.
    Furthermore you can buy tele or wide converter and fix on ur cam. Cool. Should try it. A80 or A85 i think if you not familiar with wat exposure, composition, or flash or shutter speed that kinda stuff.
    But the Powershot doesn't look as suave as ixus. *sad*. But who needs style when u have quality.?

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    Thx for the advice. Really din noe the difference. Thot getting a second-hand IXUS can learn liao..

    The A80/A85 seems nice enuff for me. But I'm oso interested in the S1 IS - 10x zoom. Is it suitable for a newbie?

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    Actually i went to look at a page :

    And the settings look not very different. Besides the 10x zoom and macro and image stabilizer. I don't think it has anything very different from Powershot series. Maybe if you wanna spy on ur neighbours haha. Still can buy adapter to fix on tele (wow!) and wide-angle lens.
    But for the video recording thingy might be useful although powershot can also do it but at slower speeds. It supports type 2 CF Card too!
    The flash on the top might reduce more red eye than the Powershot.

    Actually i kinda like it if i have the cash. Hope i have been of some help coz i'm a newbie too.
    Experts anyone?

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    Spy?!?!.. Can't be lah.. My nearest neighbours far across the road.
    Thinking it's a good deal for a camera that can fit in your hand. With reasonable features.

    Dun tink I want to carry around a big camera when i newbie lah. Wait pp tink i trying to act pro lidat...
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